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In the Technology Center of ATM, we focus on the development and research of recycling technologies. Our goal is to develop effective methods for the recovery of valuable materials while promoting ecological sustainability.

Slag Recycling

Our work focuses on the research of new processes and technologies for the treatment of MVA slags, steel mill slags, as well as aluminum dross and aluminum salt slags. Our goal is to develop sustainable recycling methods through continuous innovation and research, which not only protect the environment but also improve the efficiency and economic viability of material recovery.

Chip Recycling

Our approach includes shredding, cleaning, screening, sorting, and briquetting of chips to ensure highly efficient mechanical processing. Our efforts are aimed at increasing the economic efficiency of processes for the industry. Through continuous research and development, we strive to redefine the boundaries of chip recycling and establish future-ready technologies.

PV Solar Panels

Currently, mostly the glass of solar panels is recycled, while valuable materials such as silver, copper, and silicon often end up as electronic waste. Our goal is to develop effective methods for recovering valuable materials from end-of-life solar panels. Our commitment to PV recycling aims to minimize the environmental impact of solar energy production while simultaneously improving the efficiency and economic viability of material recovery.

Battery Recycling

Our goal is to develop advanced methods for battery recycling that enable the efficient recovery of valuable materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and other metals. By optimizing processes such as disassembly, chemical processing, and cleaning, we aim to maximize the recycling rate of these critical raw materials.

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