Recycling System Scrap Baling

Scrap charge with emergency discharge

Charging the scrap onto the press is carried out via conveyors. In case of service works on the press the scrap can be guided through an emergency discharge shaft.

Tilting skip weighing scale

To guarantee a controlled filling of the baling chamber a tilting skip weighing scale is employed to weigh the scrap.

Strap hinge conveyor

For equipment employed in shift operation highly robust hinge plate conveyors are used. Special attention is paid to a soft and targeted bale transfer at the various transfer points.

Bale carriage

To guarantee a soft transfer of bales the bale carriages specifically designed for this purpose by ATM can be deployed.


For further transport to the user, the bales can be loaded into various containers or railroad freight cars either with bale carriages or with a manipulator.

Your requirements

As a provider of system solutions in the field of metal recycling ATM offers specifically tailored solutions to your particular requirements. We will also gladly carry out tests based on your specific needs.


Les presse à paqueter Arno®Press sont recommandées pour compacter des chutes d’emboutissage qui peuvent être en acier, en laiton, en cuivre ou en aluminium.

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