Cast iron- & Rail breaker

Arno®Break C


Cast iron breakers are available in two different sizes for the efficient processing of gear housings, engine blocks and other cast iron scrap. The ArnoBreak C 400 is used mainly for light scrap. The shear movement of the serrated breaking arm generates high breaking power producing optimal particle sizes for smelting. Unlike cutting processes, the breaking process works with no tool wear.

Arno®Break R


The ArnoBreak R rail breaker was developed to process railway rails effectively and is available in two variants. The stationary breaker design allows processing of rails of up to 120 m in length. A magazine is used for feeding the rails into the breaker.
There is a mobile version for use directly on the rail tracks, fitted with a diesel power unit and loading rig. It can efficiently break rails of around 24 m in length into short sections measuring 300 to 1000 mm.

The mobile rail breaker, which is fitted on an extendable semi-trailer, can be moved to a different location very quickly. A special notching and breaking process ensures that the rails are broken with minimum tool wear.

Arno®Break 600-2
Rail Breaker
Technical Data Arno®Break C120/400200/600300/900
Breaking force minkN120020003000
Breaking force maxkN400060009000
Parts length maxmm200030003000
Parts length ejection maxmm<300<300<300
Capacity cast iront/h101620
Cycle times606045
Power standardkW3760135
Installation surfacem x m 5,3 x 2,57,1 x 3,38 x 4
Technical Data Arno®Break R125 S125 M
Breaking force kN12501250
Downholder forcekN12501250
Parts length minmm3003000
Parts length maxmm10001000
Capacity railst/h<10<9
Cycle times>7>7
Power standardkW2222
Installation surfacem x m 2,5 x 152,5 x 15