ATM_Screen Drum

Highest increase in value through sophisticated sorting technology

Arno®Sort screen drum – preparing swarf for highest quality briquettes.

Sophisticated sorting technology can add the highest value to any recycling process. It reduces the energy consumption during the shredder process to a minimum and improves the material quality.

Additional wear costs, caused by tramp material, can be reduced by optimal screening results. This results in a better swarf quality, which improves the following treatment (e.g. briquetting).

Technical Data Arno®Sort1300-21001500-34002100-6000
Sieve lengthmm210034006000
Screen perforationmm10-1006-10010-100
Roations (variable)rpm5-205-205-20
Installation surfacem3,3 x 2,1 x 2,95,6 x 1,89 x 2,5

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