Make your recycling machine fit for the future!

We offer you a one-stop solution. Our in-house team consists of hydraulics-, mechanics-, electrics- and welding specialists who work hand in hand to make your old machines fit for the future. We realize projects that provide a real benefit for our customers in terms of rentability and that make your life easier. With ATM RetroFit you are furthermore independent of the manufacturer of your machine.

Increase your productivity

With the overall optimization of your machine, you can elevate your productivity. Downtimes and costs can be minimised with predicitve maintenance and condition Monitoring. Tool changes and process parameters can be optimised with process monitoring.

Reduce costs with more energy efficiency

We do not only help you to increase your eco-friendliness but also to reduce your operating costs. Make the use of your resources such as electricity or other raw materials more efficient and save a lot of money.

Monitor your process with our digitization package

We offer individual packages for the colleciton of process- and machine data. Thereby, your machine gets industry 4.0 ready and you can monitor and optimize your processes.

Minimize downtimes with spare parts availability

For outdated machines, spare parts are often no longer available. A potential risk for your machine! Retrofit guarantees that your machine can also be repaired and used in the future and that spare parts are easily available.

CE Certification

Machines that were produced before the machinery directive 2006/42/EG came into effect are often no longer reliable. A potential risk for your company and employees. Our team checks your machine’s reliability and works out a modernization plan together with our customers. The degree of modernization depends on the mode of application and location and can be determined individually.

Modernize your recycling machine in 6 easy steps

  1. Fill in our free checklist to give us an overview of your requirements
  2. Our team will get in touch with you with a first analysis and guiding price
  3. If you approve of the first assessment given in step 2, we will continue with a detailed project analysis and offer
  4. Your project is implemented
  5. Our team will install and commission your machine
  6. Your machine is handed over to you and ready to go


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