The new ATM Service Packages

The new ATM Service Packages –

We keep your machine’s heartbeat going

Increase the availability & productivity of your machine and reduce production costs and downtimes! The new ATM service packages offer an ideal combination between annual maintenance and digitisation. Chose the best possible package for your requirements. It is also possible to combine individual modules.

From classic annual maintenance to predictive maintenance and remote assistance – we offer packages for all requirements. With the ATM Service portal customers are furthermore able to monitor machine and process data and to optimize processes.

With the continuous digitisation of machines, data concerning user behaviourproduct optimisationutilisation capacity and maintenance can be generated and analysed. The analysis shows potential for improvement and enables customers to efficiently use their machines.

In addition to the current packages Maintain Standard, Maintain Pro and Productive, there will be made further additions in the fields of energy efficiency and resource saving.

Our service team is happy to advise you concerning the best possible solution!

Service Packages