Research & Development

At ATM we are very aware of the importance of recycling and caring for the environment. We have set ourselves the task of producing highly efficient machines with optimal cycle times and maximum energy efficiency.

Another important aspect of our machines is their ability to process materials that are difficult to dispose of and potentially damaging to the environment. From these problem materials such as grinding slurry containing oil, ATM machines can produce high quality secondary products.

All of this requires a large investment in research and development as well as the extensive knowledge we have gained from over 80 years experience.

Also important is our readiness to be open to new ideas and to work together with the top minds in our field, for example with the Montanuniversitaet Leoben.

Examples of our research:

  • Pyrometallurgical recycling of agglomerated metal-containing industrial waste
  • combustion behavior of aluminum chips
  • comparison: aluminum melting experiment briquette / loose chips
  • slag conditioning
  • grinding sludge conditioning
  • ash conditioning
ATM´s research and development partners:

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Structured innovation management guarantees effective implementation of ideas that come from within the organization of ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH or from external sources like customer information, feedback from manufacturing and assembly, as well as observation of current market trends.

Your ATM-Team for Innovation and Development is the ideal contact for development projects, new product ideas, services or business models.

Our objectives:

  • Further development of existing products
  • Creation of new products and business models
  • Optimization of existing and creation of new services
  • Promotion and prioritization of ideas and developments from a variety of different internal and external sources
  • Structured and systematic processing of ideas and development
  • Support in business planning, project management, financial support, integration of institutions or partners

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