Research Project: Simultaneous Processing of metalliferous residual materials  

In the course of a joint reserach project with the University of Leoben, in particular with the department of nonferrous metallurgy, and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, ATM has been working on a solution for the simulatenous processing of different metalliferous residual materials since the beginning of the year. Thereby, synergy effects between the materials can be used. The research team consists of ATM experts, partner companies and researchers from the university of Leoben.

It is the aim of the current research to recycle waste incineration ashes, slag from the metallurgical industry and materials from the prcoessing of lithium-ion battery together and to examine possible recycling paths.

ATM with Prof. Antrekowitsch from the University of Leoben

Research and Development have always been an integral part of the ATM philosophy and have helped to further develop our machines so that the best possible results can be achieved for our customers.  Therfore, ATM is currently building a test center together with its ASCO Group partners LiTech GmbH and ASCO BH d.o.o. on the ATM premises. The new test center’s infrastructure will be increasingly used in the course of the research project.

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