Aluminum wrought alloys from one specific sort of scrap

Wrought aluminum alloys with a minimum thickness of 0,2mm, free from coated material, oil, grease, plastics and so forth.
1) Pre-consumer scrap (new scrap) from the production of sheets, tapes, tubes, profiles and remainders from pressing and so forth.
The preliminary processes are milling or grading.
The main processing steps are briquetting and baling.
The machine for the central processing step is an ArnoPress baling press.
The intermediate product is either a briquette or a package in accordance with EN 13920-4:2003 and ISRI Scrap Specification Circular Tata, Tutu, Treat
The melting output typically reaches a minimum of 95%.
The composition of a sample melt has to be in accordance with EN 573-3

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