ATM - Recyclingsystems

Company Profile

ATM stands for Arnold Technology for Metalrecycling - based on more than 80 years of experience and is a leading company of ASCO Group. Our company engineers, plans, produces and services metal-recycling-systems for the treatment of secondary raw materials.

The basis of our integrated solutions is our market leading engineering knowledge, our in-house-production of recycling machines and our worldwide spare parts and service support.

Our mission statement is to work with you as a long term partner and supply the best technology and service solutions to contribute to your success.

Highest quality standards

Customers of ATM Recyclingsystems know that the company works without any exceptions subject to highest security- and quality standards. These standards are now officially affirmed with two certificates of the economy sector: The SCC security certificate and the ISO certificate 9001:2008 of Systemcert cooperation. The former warrants that ATM fulfills the customers expectations observing all the existing laws and regulations. The SCC certificate stands for highest quality in terms of the company's security-, health- and ecological awareness.


In the meantime, we can bank on having gained experience with more than 700 machines sold. Each of our customers has become an important partner for us, whether their background is in car manufacturing, the manufacturing suppliers' sector or in the scrap yard business using our balers.
You will come across our reference machinery products in more than 90 countries from Canada to Japan, from Finland to South Africa.